How Big Will My Cavapoo Puppy Get?

A full grown Cavapoo typically will be between 12 to 25 pounds and are considered a small to medium breed dog. A full grown Cavapoo height will be between 9 and 14 inches.

Poodles and Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels are considered to be toy breeds, however the size of the Cavapoo will be influence heavily by the size of the father.

When Is A Cavapoo Full Grown?

Cavapoos are considered to have reached their full size after their first year.

There are a number of factors which include diet, level of physical activity, health and parent’s genetic’s.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel reaches full maturity in a very short amount of time by comparison to a larger breed.

Poodles, for example, mature the fastest of all breeds. It typically takes both mini and toys 6-7 months to reach maturity.

All Cavapoos reach full maturity on average at about one and a half years of age, however some of the smaller Cavapoos may do so sooner.